[CentOS] CentOS - Spam List?

John Hinton webmaster at ew3d.com
Wed Oct 25 15:45:47 UTC 2006

The latest thread on Spam on the list has the potential of dominating 
the list for a long time. Is there any chance that perhaps the CentOS 
team might consider an Anti-Spam for CentOS mailing list? I would love 
to participate in such a list. From a subscriber point of view, I would 
think a 'CentOS A/S' list would be both pertinent and manageable from a 
volume standpoint.

I know this is a bit to the side, but really for many of us sysadmins, 
Spam is much harder to deal with than any other single portion of 
running a CentOS server.

Are there any others that might like such a list? Would the CentOS team 
consider adding this mailing list?

Best Regards,
John Hinton

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