[CentOS] Hauppauge WinTV-PVR-350 card on CentOS 4.X?

Johnny Hughes mailing-lists at hughesjr.com
Fri Oct 27 14:34:58 UTC 2006

On Fri, 2006-10-27 at 10:10 -0400, Steve Huff wrote:
> On Oct 27, 2006, at 9:47 AM, Bisbal, Prentice wrote:
> > you're a professional system admin, your job is to make things work. A
> > few crashes here and there are better then employess who can't get the
> > job done at all. If stability is the issue, using CentOS is much  
> > better
> well, yes, unless the requirements of the job are such that "a few  
> crashes here and there"(!!) are unacceptable. :)
> does anyone know if the centosplus kernel supports this particular TV  
> card?  if not, you might want to request its inclusion; that might  
> provide you with a somewhat less painful solution than maintaining  
> your own custom kernel.

I don't know if the CentOSPlus kernel works with that specific card, I
do know that the CentOSPlus kernel has the Video4Linux stuff turned on
and all the cards that are supported in the 2.6.9 kernel are turned on.

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