[CentOS] laptop power management problems

Aleksandar Milivojevic alex at 8-p.ca
Mon Oct 30 04:54:45 UTC 2006

I've a "small" problem with returning from suspend mode on my laptop.  
Under Windows XP, it works perfectly.  Under CentOS, it simply freezes.  
The thing I'm suspecting is the hard drive not spinning.  Has anybody 
else experienced same problem, and/or have some advice?

I hoped hdparm might have something usefull, but reading the man page I 
haven't found anything promising to try out.

Another thing I attempted is to recompile kernel with support for user 
mode suspend (or something like that) that I heard should work very 
nicely (not dependent on BIOS or anything, purely implemented in 
Linux).  However, the rebuild of centosplus kernel with that option 
enabled simply failed with bunch of errors.

It's an older laptop that uses APM (no ACPI).  I'm not sure what 
debugging information might be helpfull.  Kind of clueless here.  I'll 
be happy to provide any information needed though.
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