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Rodrigo Barbosa rodrigob at darkover.org
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On Mon, Oct 30, 2006 at 10:02:30PM +0800, Feizhou wrote:
> >On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 12:24:22PM +0800, Feizhou wrote:
> >>>>vpopmail has great user management tools? vpopmail is supported by 
> >>>>other mail related software such as dovecot and spamassassin. vpopmail 
> >>>>supports mysql tables which lends itself to integration with other 
> >>>>software that are mysql capable.
> >>>>
> >>>>Why would one NOT want to use (favourite mta) + vpopmail?
> >>>You do know that exim can talk directly with MySQL, right ? And
> >>>since you can specify the SQL Queries, the database can have
> >>>any format, thus integrating with everything else ?
> >>So does postfix. You are missing the point. vpopmail comes with all the 
> >>tools necessary. With postfix or exim, one would have to build their own.
> >
> >Humm ? I never had to build any tools.
> Oh? So account management was all manual via the sql command line?

Depends if you call 3-line scripts a "tool" or "sql command line".

> >>>Having exim talking directly with spamassassin is also very good and
> >>>easy, and speed things up quite a bit.
> >>Sure. spamassassin milter + postfix milter :P
> >
> >Are we talking about exim or postfix ?
> Both. You can get exim to talk directly to spamassassin and postfix 
> 2.3.3's milter capability alows the same with spamassassin milter.

That is not exactly the same thing, since with "milter", you are adding
one more layer.

> >>>Using things like maildrop, vpopmail, amavis etc with exim is
> >>>just a good way to slow things down. The direct connection between
> >>>exim and everything else (spamassassin, antivirus etc) allows you
> >>>to reject mails during delivery, without the need to accept it
> >>>before passing to another agent.
> >>??? postfix -> maildrop -> home dir/Maildir
> >>
> >>Nothing in my system goes through vpopmail. vpopmail only creates the 
> >>Maildirs and maintains the mysql tables.
> >
> >If you are using postfix, then it does make send to use vpopmail.
> >I'm not saying otherwise.
> You do not have to use vpopmail with postfix. postfix can do just about 
> the same with its own virtual mail backend that supports SQL.

Yes, but the virtual mail backend of postfix is much less flexible,
and so using vpopmail makes sense.

> The things that you have listed can all be done with postfix too. You 
> can have SQL lookups just about anywhere in postfix too. postfix has its 
> own virtual mail LDA that supports SQL and postfix can make use of that 
> database at the smtp level too. Back to vpopmail, direct use of vpopmail 
> tables will probably only be possible with exim and postfix.
> So then, does exim provide user account management tools? Or is your sql 
> backend also the system account backend? If not, did you not have to 
> build tools to handle user account management or creation of user filter 
> recipes?

If you have anything that does user management based on sql, you can make
exim use those tables. Even tho I haven't tried, it is very likely
that you can even use the same tools you use for vpopmail. Or for
anything else.


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