[CentOS] spam control

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Mon Oct 30 23:51:57 UTC 2006

>> Oh? So account management was all manual via the sql command line?
> Depends if you call 3-line scripts a "tool" or "sql command line".

:D. Okay, I guess I will put it down to vpopmail relieves us of the need 
to design our own tables and write our own user management scripts.

>> Both. You can get exim to talk directly to spamassassin and postfix 
>> 2.3.3's milter capability alows the same with spamassassin milter.
> That is not exactly the same thing, since with "milter", you are adding
> one more layer.

exim loads in spamassassin?

> Yes, but the virtual mail backend of postfix is much less flexible,
> and so using vpopmail makes sense.

Interesting comment...for the umpteenthed time I must take a look at exim :P

> If you have anything that does user management based on sql, you can make
> exim use those tables. Even tho I haven't tried, it is very likely
> that you can even use the same tools you use for vpopmail. Or for
> anything else.

I am sure exim can use the vpopmail tables for some stuff at the least. 
Do you use the Centos base exim or compile your own?

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