[CentOS] Changing kernel params in CentOS 4.2

Tue Oct 17 19:50:22 UTC 2006
Debbie Tropiano <debbiet at arlut.utexas.edu>

Hello -

One of my users would like a kernel parameter changed.  We're running
CentOS 4.2 so I'm not sure if we need to upgrade the kernel for this
change or not.  He's seen that in the kernel "PIPE_SIZE is
defined in include/linux/pipe_fs_i.h and takes on the value of PAGE_SIZE"
He wants PIPE_SIZE to be increased to 8*PAGE_SIZE.

Can this be changed in the 2.6.9 kernel?  If so, where would this be changed?

If not, what kernel would be suggested for an upgrade (we have some experience
with FC3 & the 2.6.11 kernel already)?

Last, in your opinion does changing the kernel rev greatly change the name
of what you're running?  If we go to say the 2.6.16 kernel on our CentOS 4.2
system, is it still valid to call it CentOS 4.2?

Thanks for any assistance,
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