/etc/postfix/aliases deleted was: Re: [CentOS] Postfix won't relay after update to CentOS 4.4

Chris Croome chris at webarchitects.co.uk
Sat Sep 2 07:41:47 UTC 2006


On Fri 01-Sep-2006 at 10:51:59PM +0200, Tru Huynh wrote:
> > On Fri, Sep 01, 2006 at 09:53:15AM -0700, Bbt Lists wrote:
> > 
> > Wasn't postfix changed to use the system-standard /etc/aliases before the
> > RHEL4 release? I'm a bit hazy on this -- maybe we ported that modification
> > over from Fedora Core locally.
> >
> CentOS-4:
> [tru at casewell ~]$  rpm -q postfix
> postfix-2.2.10-1.RHEL4.2.i386
> [tru at casewell ~]$  rpm -qlc postfix | grep aliases
> [tru at casewell ~]$ rpm -qf /etc/aliases
> setup-2.5.37-1.3.noarch

Right, I'm not exactly sure why my aliases file was in /etc/postfix --
the machine was a centos 4 install from scratch, I think I copied it
from an older install.

This explains why others didn't have their aliases deleted perhaps...


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