[CentOS] yum vs up2date

John Summerfied debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Thu Sep 7 03:18:00 UTC 2006

Paul wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 10:35 +0800, John Summerfied wrote:
>>Paul wrote:
>>>FC5 broken?
>>>Funny I use it every day as a desktop.
>>I run twelve virtual consoles, and often work through ssh even when in 
>>the same room.
>>I want mount points created when I plug in a USB disk. I don't want it 
>>mounted, and I especially don't want it open on the desktop (which I 
>>might not be looking at).
> <SNIP>
>>It's worse for optical media (but SUSE has that wrong too). on Windows, 
>>a CD or DVD is always d: or e: or whatever for that particular 
>>configuration. Until recently, on Linux it was always /cdrom (Debian) or 
>>/mnt/cdrom (RHL) or similar, then /media/cdrom. Now it's 
>>I don't see any way that's better than /media/cdrom, or what the mount 
>>point's got to do wuth the representation on the user's desktop.
> OK I see where your coming from, though I would not say it's "broken",
> it is a change of behavior from what went before.  I think FC3 had that
> behavior also and I expect RHEL5 will probably also have it.  It was a
> design decision to reflect what new desktop users coming from
> Windows/Mac would expect.

I use Windows and Macs too. What matters to the desktop user is the 
desktop label, not where the thing's mounted. Mostly, I use those 
because I'm paid to; I think Apple's got it wrong too, but I'd rather 
use Linux.

FC3 could be twisted into shape, I did so. It (like Centos4) creates the 
mount point; FC5 does not. On CentOS4 I have to use sudo (because I'm 
not local), but at least the mount point's consistent.

I just read on another list that .{gov,mil} sites are forbidden to run X 
unless they're serving X. I don't see why, turning off desktops on 
Windows and Macs isn't trivial, but if that's right perhaps my problem 
will be fixed.

> It would be nice if it could be configured to act differently, there may
> be a way to configure it to do what you expect.

Yeah, edit d-bus rules. I'm not sure I want to be non-standard, better 
to find a standard that works for me, not against me.



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