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Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Thu Sep 7 18:52:39 UTC 2006

kai spake the following on 9/6/2006 7:49 AM:
>> ------------ Original Message ------------
>>> Date: Tuesday, September 05, 2006 08:05:19 PM +0200
>>>>> I need to access my mail boxes from two desktops on a local
>>>>> network,  windows and CentOS.
>>>> Why not use soemthign like thunderbird and connect to the mail
>>>> server  with the imap protocol? Maybe i am missing something here.
>>>> Thank you for answering.
>>> It would be very interesting to her what others do when they have
>>> multiply smtp accounts and multiple access are needed.
>> imap (as opposed to pop) works directly off the server, so unless you
>> go into "off-line mode" there are no synchronization issues and mail is
>> only deleted on specific user action (unlike pop which is generally set
>> to delete on download).
>>    - Rick
> Thanks for the answers, I agree that imap may be right, but my dns
> supplier has a quota at 40MB. I like to keep my mails, additional to my
> privat I am following several mailing list, separated, so the quota is
> way to small.
> I feel like the best for me is to move my domain here, setting up my own
> server. I have been using djbdn and qmail earlier, but would like to
> change to something more standard, I should manage though, but I am a
> little afraid of the work load setting things up.
> So my question at the moment boils down to, witch supplier of dynamic
> dns service to use, that also mx forward without to many restrictions.
> Thanks
> Kai
You could set up your own server, and fetchmail all the mail from your
providers pop server. Then you could access your own server through IMAP and
you would have control over how much space you would need. This will get past
the possibility of your "here" (I'm assuming at home) server being port
blocked at mail delivery. On my home cable connection, I can send and receive
on port 25, but dns and http are "blackholed". Since I administer the mail at
work, I haven't worried about it. All my home system does is send logwatch
reports to me at work, and all the other sundry things you might expect a home
system to do. ;-)


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