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John Summerfied debian at herakles.homelinux.org
Thu Sep 7 01:03:05 UTC 2006

kai wrote:

> Thanks for the answers, I agree that imap may be right, but my dns 
> supplier has a quota at 40MB. I like to keep my mails, additional to my 
> privat I am following several mailing list, separated, so the quota is 
> way to small.
> I feel like the best for me is to move my domain here, setting up my own 
> server. I have been using djbdn and qmail earlier, but would like to 
> change to something more standard, I should manage though, but I am a 
> little afraid of the work load setting things up.
> So my question at the moment boils down to, witch supplier of dynamic 
> dns service to use, that also mx forward without to many restrictions.

I use dyndns for my free domains.

I don't use secondary MXes because
1. Legitimate senders should queue when I'm down
2. I don't control what mail someone else accepts for me
3. Spammers rely on 2 to inject spam into my system. When I had a 
secondary MX, almost all the mail I got through it was spam.
4. In practice ou can't reject incoming mail your sendondary because, if 
you do, you will contribute to the enormous backwash of bounces to 

Before I implemented this, I ran the idea past an antispam list; there 
seemed no cons, and some of the others also didn't have secondaries for 
the above reasons.



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