[CentOS] CentOS 4.4, libstdc++ 3.4.6 and NPTL

Mon Sep 4 11:28:03 UTC 2006
Tim Jackson <lists at timj.co.uk>


I have been using CentOS 4 on a UML (User-Mode Linux) box for some time
(>1 year) and have kept up to date with updates. I think I started on
CentOS 4.1 and have progressively "yum update"'d since.

User-Mode Linux, or at least the version of it that my hosts use,
doesn't support NPTL. This hasn't been a problem to date; I've just
moved /lib/tls out of the way, as described in
http://www.mythic-beasts.com/umlwiki/wiki.pl?2.6_And_TLS .

No problems at all, until a recent libstdc++ update. The old version was:


but with an update to CentOS 4.4 the new version is:


Now, with the 3.4.6-3 version, when I restart Apache, I get:

Cannot load /etc/httpd/modules/libphp4.so into server: libstdc++.so.6:
cannot handle TLS data.

Reverting back to the old libstdc++ makes things work fine again.
In both instances my /lib/tls is empty.

Can anyone offer any advice? Is this a bug in the libstdc++ package? Is
there a likely workaround? I'm afraid I don't know enough about
NPTL/libstdc++ to really understand the details of what's going on here.