[CentOS] postfix pb with mass emails

Mon Sep 4 13:13:43 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

sophana wrote:
> Hi
> I'm hosting a forum (phpbb) with more than 3500 users with centos 4.3.
> The forum admins would like to send an email to its (3500) users. I
> configured phpbb to use smtp (postfix-2.1.5-4.2.RHEL4.mysql.centos4) to
> send the email.
> I raised the max destination limit from 1000 to 5000, and made a test.
> Here the disaster began:
> Majority of the users received from 20 to 50 emails.
> Looking at the logs, postfix divided the email into several ones with 50
> recipient each (as documented). I think the problem was that when one of
> the recipients was unreachable, the mail went into defered state, to be
> retried later. The problem (bug?) is that the mail was sent again to all
> 50 recipients, explaining why so many users received lot of mails.
> Anyone had a similar problem?
> Any suggestion for that?

That should not happen. Can you put together a test-case to prove the 
problem so you can provide a bug-report with a reproducible problem.

I use postfix, but if I had that problem and could nail it onto Postfix, 
I'd likely switch immediately to something else. Sendmail, probably.

OTOH I'd be using mailman for regular mailings. Whether that would creat 
a problem with postfix I don't know, but surely the combination is 
fairly common.



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