[CentOS] yum consumes machine (load average soars to 47)

Tue Sep 5 09:00:49 UTC 2006
Daniel Senie <dts at senie.com>

I was using yum to update packages a few nights ago on one of my 
servers. The update of rpm packages appeared to die. Since then, 
commands like 'yum check-update' will consume the system. This is a 
dual-core Pentium-D, with X64 (and I'm running 64 bit). One CPU pegs 
at 100% running yum, but whatever it's doing on disk really is the 
bigger issue. It so consumes the disk subsystem as everything else 
grinds to a halt and the system becomes unusable (likely swapping 
itself silly).

I'd really like to get this resovled and apply errata. What I need to 
know is where to start looking. I've tried a 'yum clean all' but that 
doesn't help.

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