[CentOS] NPTL problem on Centos 4.4

Fri Sep 8 00:23:30 UTC 2006
fredex <fredex at fcshome.stoneham.ma.us>

Not sure where to ask this, I've been googling and not finding much that
is helpful.

At work I've got a multi-threaded program targeted at Linux. It compiles
on RHEL 2.1 and 3, and is targeted at 2.1, 3, and 4. UP until today, the
binary built on 3 has worked fine on 4.

But on RHEL4 update 4 it dies a horrible death in pthread_create. I have
reproduced the problem on Centos 4.4, where I am tyring to debug it.

I thought it might be some newly-introduced binary incompatibility in
the U4 update, so I recompiled it on Centos 4.4, and it does the same

This code has been running for 5 years both in-house and at dozens of
customers, on versions of RH linux ranging from 6.2, and 7.x, as well
as RHEL 2.1 and 3, so I'm leaning toward something that is not a blatant
bug in the code.

Anyway, on the either the 2nd or the 3rd (doesn't seem to be consistently
one or the other) call to pthread_create we get a SIGSEGV, and looking
at a stack backtrace the stack appears to be trashed, or at least
the backtrace does not reflect reality. Single-stepping into the call
doesn't get you anywhere except a sigsegv. I'm about to delve into it
at the instruction level, but I must admit I'm not very knowledeable
about 32-bit intel assembly language.

Needless to say I've read and re-read and re-re-read the man page for
pthread_create(), and have been tweaking the calling sequence in subtle
ways to see if I can change the behavior, but so far to no avail.

Has anyone here any knowledge of possible problems or incompatibilities
in the NPTL implementation in 4.4?

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