[CentOS] NPTL problem on Centos 4.4

Fri Sep 8 01:28:31 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

fredex wrote:
> Not sure where to ask this, I've been googling and not finding much that
> is helpful.
> At work I've got a multi-threaded program targeted at Linux. It compiles
> on RHEL 2.1 and 3, and is targeted at 2.1, 3, and 4. UP until today, the
> binary built on 3 has worked fine on 4.
> But on RHEL4 update 4 it dies a horrible death in pthread_create. I have
> reproduced the problem on Centos 4.4, where I am tyring to debug it.

This sounds the sort of thing that's likely to be outside the experties 
available here, particularly in any quantity.

Have you had a chat with your RHEL support contact? Even if they can't 
help directly, they might be able to call on someone or point you to a 
better forum, possibly one frequented by some folk who write/maintain gcc.



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