[CentOS] very new user having problems

Sun Sep 3 19:05:56 UTC 2006
barbaara fberg <barbara1_1_1 at hotmail.com>

I wrote from work and had to wait to go home to get answers
My windows machine was broadcasting my entire hard drive to the other 
wireless users.
I did a sysclean this morning and found a virus.  So I am using my husband's 
machine til it is fixed.

I downloaded a"connec to internet" from the centos site, but it did not help 

my internet provider helped  bit
we went into 'network device controller " - that is blank
went into "network config "   profile is unclecked  status is inactive 
device is ethoO nickname is etho
type is ethernet
we went into "hardware" desceiption is DLine type is ethent device is etho 
status is ok
we went into " IPsec" profile  type destination  nickname  all are blank
we went into "DNS"  hostname  I types in localhost.localhost
                              Primary DNS  starts 66
                              Secondary      blank
                              Tertiary DNS   blank
                              DNS search path  blank
we wento "hosts"
IP name and aliases are blank

then I went into Mozilla Foxfire under preferences, connection settings
direct connection is checked
auto detect in unchecked
manual proxy is unchecked
HTTP proxy                  Port 0
SSL proxy                     Port 0
FTP proxy                     Port )
Gopher Proxy               Port 0
Socks Host                  Port 0

       socks vr unchecked    socksv5 checked
no proxy for   [                   ]

I have some numbers as on the sheet I downloaded
some start 255 some 192.  I am just not certain which ones go where?

thank you for writing. you were the only one to reply

>From: Mark Weaver <mdw1982 at mdw1982.com>
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>Subject: Re: [CentOS] very new user having problems
>Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2006 19:55:22 -0400
>barbaara fberg wrote:
>>I just loaded CentOS and want to connect to the internet using a radio and 
>>wireless internet.
>>I got some numbers from the internet provider.  He walked me through some 
>>of the changes in the networking area.  But it did not work.
>>I have read three books on Unix and I am determined to do this. but I 
>>think I need lots of help.
>>Where could I look this up on a windows machine??
>>when I get connected to the net,  then I  have another question about how 
>>to make the jave download operational.
>>thank you
>What numbers did you get from your ISP tech person?
>Are you using dialup, DSL, or cable to connect to the internet?
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