[CentOS] very new user having problems

Sun Sep 3 00:17:28 UTC 2006
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Mark Weaver wrote:
> barbaara fberg wrote:
>> I just loaded CentOS and want to connect to the internet using a radio 
>> and wireless internet.
>> I got some numbers from the internet provider.  He walked me through 
>> some of the changes in the networking area.  But it did not work.
>> I have read three books on Unix and I am determined to do this. but I 
>> think I need lots of help.
>> Where could I look this up on a windows machine??
>> when I get connected to the net,  then I  have another question about 
>> how to make the jave download operational.
>> thank you
> What numbers did you get from your ISP tech person?
> Are you using dialup, DSL, or cable to connect to the internet?
More to the point, as Barbaara said "wireless" we need to know more 
about the wireless.

What's the wireless kit? Are we talking long-distance 11b wireless? If 
so, the folk who assembled pebble (google "download pebble linux") 
should be able to help.



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