[CentOS] postfix pb with mass emails

Mon Sep 4 09:32:44 UTC 2006
Ralph Angenendt <ra+centos at br-online.de>

sophana wrote:
>                                 I think the problem was that when one of
> the recipients was unreachable, the mail went into defered state, to be
> retried later. The problem (bug?) is that the mail was sent again to all
> 50 recipients, explaining why so many users received lot of mails.

That looks like a problem on the *recipient* site. Normal processing of
the mail should go ahead for all *reachable* adresses during the smtp
dialogue, so the mail only gets deferred for the non-reachable
recipients. On the other hand: If the recipient decides to *not* take
the mail at all because one of the recipients is unreachable (or the
limit of errors during the smtp handshake has been reached), you should
never be able to reach the DATA phase in the smtp dialogue - so no mail
gets sent at all.

If some mail gets sent, postfix *never* resends mails to those
recipients who already got the mails.

But without seeing any logs everything's just a cloudy image in my
crystal ball. It might also be that your setup is broken.

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