[CentOS] postfix pb with mass emails

Mon Sep 4 16:51:39 UTC 2006
sophana <sophana at zizi.ath.cx>

Unfortunately, I did the test some weeks ago, and the logs have been
rotated away...
I don't think I'd like to bother 3500 users again with my mass emails...
If you have a solution to test this, without real email...

Finally, I'm not so sure about the email being resent because of
unreachable recipients.
One thing I remember:
In the postfix spool, in the defered dir, there were LOT of emails with
different hash names.
Looking in some of them, I noticed recipients duplicated in several of
them, this should not be normal...
In the logs, I could see some these hashed defered emails being repeated
several times, each time with a cause why the mail was being defered.

There surely is something wrong in my setup. However I have thousands of
mails per day being sent (one by one...) correctly from the same forum.


Ralph Angenendt a écrit :
> sophana wrote:
>>                                 I think the problem was that when one of
>> the recipients was unreachable, the mail went into defered state, to be
>> retried later. The problem (bug?) is that the mail was sent again to all
>> 50 recipients, explaining why so many users received lot of mails.
> That looks like a problem on the *recipient* site. Normal processing of
> the mail should go ahead for all *reachable* adresses during the smtp
> dialogue, so the mail only gets deferred for the non-reachable
> recipients. On the other hand: If the recipient decides to *not* take
> the mail at all because one of the recipients is unreachable (or the
> limit of errors during the smtp handshake has been reached), you should
> never be able to reach the DATA phase in the smtp dialogue - so no mail
> gets sent at all.
> If some mail gets sent, postfix *never* resends mails to those
> recipients who already got the mails.
> But without seeing any logs everything's just a cloudy image in my
> crystal ball. It might also be that your setup is broken.
> Ralph
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