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Mon Sep 4 10:58:44 UTC 2006
Josep M. <mylinuxmaillists-2006 at yahoo.es>

Yes, You are right with ssh, for when i´m in work may be ok, but under windows machines, establish ssh sessions with putty may be ok, but what can I use for control the desktop remotely in a windows machine?

John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org> escribió:  Josep M. wrote:
> I used squirrelmail, and address book is much less good than evolution,
> so maybe I will look for anything for control my desktop via web, using
> https if is possible.
> Evolution have a great mail, contacts, calendar and tasks, and

Not everyone has that view:-)

vnc through a VPN is realistic, VNC through SSH is fairly easy:

ssh -L5902:desktop.office.lan:5902 example.com

then run vncviewer listening to This assumes that 
"desktop.office.lan" is your box and is directly accessible from 
example.com. vncserver can be, but doesn't have to be, on the system you 
connect to using ssh.

I use this same technique to configure routers and printers over the 



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