[CentOS] OT - backup question/advice

Wed Sep 6 01:28:18 UTC 2006
Mark Weaver <mdw1982 at mdw1982.com>

Thomas E Dukes wrote:
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>> Thomas E Dukes wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I have been using mondorescue to backup to dvd for several 
>> months now 
>>> without any problems.
>>> Since upgrading to Centos 4.4, I now receive a few errors.  
>> The errors 
>>> are for files in /var/named/chroot/proc.  I guess these 
>> files change 
>>> so when I do a differntial backup they aren't there and result in 
>>> errors.  (Never got any errors before and I think these files were 
>>> there in 4.3) If I exclude the files from the backup, no errors.
>>> My question is what, if any problems would I run into not backing 
>>> these files up and having to do a complete system restore?
>>> TIA,
>>> Eddie
>> You shouldn't run into any problems really since files within "proc" 
>> aren't really there to begin with; they're resident in memory 
>> only and disappear when the machine shuts down or reboots.
>> --
>> Mark
> Thanks, Mark!
> Kinda what I figured but wanted a second opinion.  The errors I received
> were 'files not found'.  So this answers my question.
> Again, thanks!
> Eddie

no problem. personally I've always wondered why the proc file system 
exists at all as part of the file system. ya can't do anything with it; 
it's more of a tease than anything else. When I first started with Linux 
years ago I wasn't aware of it's "specialness" and looked like the 
monkey with his fist in a jar trying to do things with those "files" in 
there. ;P


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