[CentOS] OT - backup question/advice

Wed Sep 6 01:33:44 UTC 2006
Alan Sparks <asparks at doublesparks.net>

Mark Weaver wrote:
> no problem. personally I've always wondered why the proc file system
> exists at all as part of the file system. ya can't do anything with
> it; it's more of a tease than anything else. When I first started with
> Linux years ago I wasn't aware of it's "specialness" and looked like
> the monkey with his fist in a jar trying to do things with those
> "files" in there. ;P

Huh?  The /proc filesystem provides info for system monitoring tools
(like "top").  Also, the "files" therein provide system config
infomation, and can be altered to reset lots of things dynamically
during system run (check out "sysctl", for instance).

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