[CentOS] LVM & Softraid & expansion

Sun Apr 1 23:47:06 UTC 2007
thad <thad.mailist at gmail.com>

> There is not RAID in AIX LVM, just mirroring (well, stripes too but
> never mind that). Since you just map Logical Partitions to multiple
> Physical Partitions (same as Physical Extents, PE, in the linux
> implementation), it is easy to duplicate logical volumes to different
> physical volumes. You can do this online of course, as it is all below
> the filesystem/logical volume level. Migrating from one SAN to another,
> one disk to another, adding disks, splitting disks, removing disks. All
> is done in the LVM. As it should be.
> The linux approach is much more primitive. Too bad the linux lvm guys
> used HP-UX LVM as their reference.


to quote:

logical volume management (LVM)

    It is a matter of record [53] that IBM's approach to LVM was
rejected by Linus Torvalds in favor of a different approach.
Accordingly, even if we were to stipulate that IBM had access to old
SCO's LVM technology, any attempted misappropriation came to naught.


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