[CentOS] MP3 encoding with Sound-Juicer

Olaf Mueller daily-planet at istari.de
Thu Dec 6 13:36:50 UTC 2007

Ralph Angenendt wrote:

Hello Ralph,

> Olaf Mueller wrote:
>> what do I need to encode mp3 with Sound Juicer under CentOS 5.1?
> gstreamer-plugins-bad and/or gstreamer-plugins-ugly from rpmforge. See
> <http://wiki.centos.org/Repositories>. And maybe lame from the same
> repository, not too sure about that.
thank you for your reply. I have installed these packages now. And after 
creating a new profile for mp3 with gnome-audio-profiles-properties it 
works. Thank you!

My settings for 'GStreamer Pipeline' are:
audio/x-raw-int,rate=44100,channels=2 ! lame name=enc mode=1 quality=0 
vbr=0 bitrate=192 ! xingmux ! id3v2mux


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