[CentOS] LVM recovery questions

Michael Mueller eadgbe_mjm at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 22:49:43 UTC 2007

Antonio da Silva Martins Junior <asmartins at uem.br> wrote: 
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>I have a centos 4 box i use for a file server (nfs and samba).  
>It has two hdd: hda is for the standard install; hdb is for /export/samba/netdisk0
>hda is lost - it just clicks now
>i think hdb is still good
>i can't figure out how i can remount the hdb disk in a new machine and retrieve the info from it;  
>i've scanned the LVM howto and googled some LVM topics, but nothing seems to address my particular need
>i was oblivious to LVM until now, so i did not save anything from the /etc dir on the hda disk
>can someone help me get a clue?


  I will first try to boot from the install CD/DVD on rescue mode, if it can't
handle the LVM data on the HDD. I will try Ubuntu :)

  Can you send more info on the partition schema for this HDD ?

Thanks for your help.

I tried the rescue mode; it only found what was on the new install of 4.3 single server cd;

i tried adding mount /dev/hdb1 /export to fstab and rebooted again; /export/samba/netdisk0 was there - but it was just an empty file - probably because of the LV structure on the disk

it seems to me that if a system is built under LVM and is comprised of multiple disks, recovery out to be quite easy; i must be missing something here;  with the pre-LVM partitioning, i would just mount the /dev/hdb1 and be on my way; i am hoping there is a similarly easy way to get my disk back into a file system


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