[CentOS] LVM recovery questions

Michael Mueller eadgbe_mjm at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 5 22:55:25 UTC 2007


I did the vgscan after the hdb hdd was added to a fresh system; the hdb disk was not identified as having a volume group

maybe i lost both disks - hda and hdb - doesn't seem likely; more likely that i don't know enough about lvm to get this disk back into a file system

sigh - i don't really need lvm; waaaaaaa; i wish that system was using pre-lvm partitions; i'd be recovered by now

are there stages for grieving over the loss of a hdd?

thanks again,

timspam at meanor.net wrote: Were hda and hdb part of the same volume group? Or did hdb belong to a separate volume group?  If hdb was in a separate volume group, you should be able to do a "vgscan" followed by "vgchange -a y".  Those commands will scan your disks for any volume groups and activate them (see the man pages for details).  Then mount the lvm that contains the samba partition and your data should be there.


> Hi,
>I have a centos 4 box i use for a file server (nfs and samba).  It has 
>two hdd: hda is for the standard install; hdb is for /export/samba/netdisk0
>hda is lost - it just clicks now
>i think hdb is still good
>i can't figure out how i can remount the hdb disk in a new machine 
>and retrieve the info from it;  i've scanned the LVM howto and googled 
>some LVM topics, but nothing seems to address my particular need
>i was oblivious to LVM until now, so i did not save anything from the 
>/etc dir on the hda disk
>can someone help me get a clue?
>thanks much,
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