[CentOS] LVM recovery questions

Peter Kjellstrom cap at nsc.liu.se
Fri Jul 6 06:53:54 UTC 2007

On Friday 06 July 2007, Michael Mueller wrote:
> Thanks,
> I did the vgscan after the hdb hdd was added to a fresh system; the hdb
> disk was not identified as having a volume group
> maybe i lost both disks - hda and hdb - doesn't seem likely; more likely
> that i don't know enough about lvm to get this disk back into a file system

I was almost about to give up on this tread (since you havn't really provided 
any useful info except for "it doesn't work"). But then I guess I woke up on 
the right side of the bed or something... ;-)

Lets start at the beginning (you havn't done so yet).

1) please do give us the output of "fdisk -l", this answers does hdb show up, 
and how is it partitioned.

2) please also include the output of "lvmdiskscan ; pvscan ; pvdisplay", this 
will tell us if any chunks of lvm data was found.

3) same as 2 for "vgscan ; vgdisplay" but don't bother if 2 didn't find any 

4) same as 3 for "lvscan ; lvdisplay -m" but don't bother if 3 didn't find any 

With this info I'm sure you'll get better advice/help.


> sigh - i don't really need lvm; waaaaaaa; i wish that system was using
> pre-lvm partitions; i'd be recovered by now
> are there stages for grieving over the loss of a hdd?
> thanks again,
> mike
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