[CentOS] Re: openssh with High-Performance patches?

Connie Sieh csieh at fnal.gov
Thu Jul 12 20:25:18 UTC 2007

On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Kay Diederichs wrote:

> Connie Sieh schrieb:
>> On Thu, 12 Jul 2007, Kay Diederichs wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> has anybody successfully integrated the patches from 
>>> http://www.psc.edu/networking/projects/hpn-ssh/ into openssh, and maybe 
>>> produced a .spec file for this purpose that s/he is willing to share?
>> We have a openssh that includes that patch.  It does also include the 
>> ability to use both the old and new gssapi.  You should be able to take 
>> that patch out if you need to.
>> The patch you want to keep  is openssh-3.9p1-hpn11.patch
>> It uses the -11 patch as we needed it for openssh 3.9 .
>> The SRPM is at
>> ftp://ftp.scientificlinux.org/linux/scientific/44/i386/contrib/SRPMS/openssh/openssh-3.9p1-8.SL.4.22.src.rpm 
>> -Connie Sieh
> Hi Connie,
> thanks for the link. I just installed it on a CentOS-4 system w/o problems.
> Any chance SL will provide such a RPM for CentOS-5/SL5 ? I must say that I 
> had a try at modifying the CentOS-5 openssh .spec file, but got a couple of 
> rejects during patching with the hpn -12 patch for 4.3pl2 - too much to fix 
> without looking carefully.

We are planning on putting this patch in the SL5/CentOS-5 openssh.  The 
person who did this in the past is on vacation this week.  I will ask him 
the status of this when he gets back next week.

-Connie Sieh

> thanks,
> Kay
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