SOLVED: Re: [CentOS] Newbie ADSL configuration, ppp0 can't activate & config not found

Dan Halbert halbert at
Sun Jul 15 11:59:09 UTC 2007

Lanny Marcus wrote:
> After I deleted the ppp0, I set up eth0 again, to get my IP from the ISP
> via DHCP and I put in the 2 IP numbers for their DNS servers, restarted
> the Network and I am online!  :-)

Great! By the way, you should not even need to specify the DNS servers. 
In the DHCP info your router gives your machine, it will probably list 
itself as the DNS server. (DHCP does not return just an IP address but 
also a bunch of other info such as subnet mask and DNS servers.)

The router just forwards DNS requests it gets on to the real DNS servers 
(it found out those when it itself connected to the ISP).. So don't 
specify the DNS servers yourself and then you won't have to do anything 
if the ISP's DNS serves change.


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