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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Jul 27 15:13:36 UTC 2007

beast wrote:
> Since rpm from openoffice.org was not nicely integrate with Centos, what is
> the best way to make OO uptodate

I have not tried to integrate the newest OOo2 into CentOS-5 (or even
CentOS-4.5) since both have OOo-2.0.4 integrated.  Are there REALLY that
many new features that you MUST upgrade from a Stable 2.0.4 to a new 2.2.x?

I can try to do it on CentOS-5 (Use the OOo RPMS from the openoffice.org
site) and post how it went here.

, can i use (or depend on) package from
> fedora (it slightly
> outdate but not too far from OO release).

Well ... you would have to rebuild a newer version other than the one on
FC6 ... which MIGHT still work on CentOS-5.  However, in the future as
tomcat, glibc and other build requires diverge between FC6 and CentOS-5
it will be less likely to work.

In a 8 months when there is no more FC6 support, that will stop working

So, the best bet would be to either use the CentOS version (which will
get security updates for it's lifetime ... and which MAY get some
enhanced features) === OR === create a process to use the OOo RPMS
directly from the OpenOffice.org website.

> Having see the huge spec file (around 3700 lines), building it ourself is
> really not fun :(

And building a NEWER one from Fedora7 / Rawhide will be quite hard
because of the Versions of packages for the Requires and BuildRequires.

Johnny Hughes

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