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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Jul 27 19:50:07 UTC 2007

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> beast wrote:
>> Since rpm from openoffice.org was not nicely integrate with Centos, what is
>> the best way to make OO uptodate
> I have not tried to integrate the newest OOo2 into CentOS-5 (or even
> CentOS-4.5) since both have OOo-2.0.4 integrated.  Are there REALLY that
> many new features that you MUST upgrade from a Stable 2.0.4 to a new 2.2.x?
> I can try to do it on CentOS-5 (Use the OOo RPMS from the openoffice.org
> site) and post how it went here.


WRT OOo2 from the openoffice.org site .. it seems to play perfectly well
in my setup.

I removed all openoffice and tomcat RPMS (also any java that I had
installed as it also contains JRE) from CentOS-5 and downloaded the
latest Linux version from the OpenOffice.org website.

I then did this to install it:

1. Untarred the tar file ... it creates a directory full of RPMS.

2. Edit my yum.conf and set gpgcheck=0 ... since OOo does not (for some
unknown reason) sign their RPMS.

3.  Change directories to the the RPMS dir and issue this command to
install the RPMS:

yum localinstall *.rpm desktop-integration/openoffice.org-redhat*.rpm

4. Log out and log back in to restart my X server

5. Create any shortcuts I want on my toolbar from the "Applications ->
Office" menu.

So far, it seems to work great.

6.  Edited the my /etc/yum.conf to set gpgcheck=1 ... and
exclude=openoffice.org* jre-*
(so as to not accidentally upgrade these accidentally in the future).

So  far ... it all works great with build 9161 of version 2.1.1

Johnny Hughes

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