[CentOS] Re: openoffice

beast beast at ldap.or.id
Sat Jul 28 05:26:58 UTC 2007

On 27/07/07 10:13 -0500, Johnny Hughes wrote:
>I have not tried to integrate the newest OOo2 into CentOS-5 (or even
>CentOS-4.5) since both have OOo-2.0.4 integrated.  Are there REALLY that
>many new features that you MUST upgrade from a Stable 2.0.4 to a new 2.2.x?

Not today, but next year OOo 2.0 will be outdated and if asking for a support
most people will ask to get the latest version. 
My reasons is because the recent OO provides better compatibility with the latest MS
Office, since it is a critical to our company which exchange the document in
MS office format with the customer.

>Well ... you would have to rebuild a newer version other than the one on
>FC6 ... which MIGHT still work on CentOS-5.  However, in the future as
>tomcat, glibc and other build requires diverge between FC6 and CentOS-5
>it will be less likely to work.
>In a 8 months when there is no more FC6 support, that will stop working

This is what i'm worry about...

>=== OR === create a process to use the OOo RPMS
>directly from the OpenOffice.org website.

I also thinking this is the best possible solution. 
Get the OO package from openoffice.org site and then add desktop integration ourself.
But, will it mess up the whole thing when we i do 'yum upgrade'?


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