[CentOS] RAID hard drive serial numbers?

Tue Jul 17 11:41:36 UTC 2007
Chris Mauritz <chrism at imntv.com>

Tim Verhoeven wrote:
> On 7/17/07, Scott Ehrlich <scott at mit.edu> wrote:
>> smartctl, hdparm, and sdparm all are valuable tools to obtain hard drive
>> info. But, they don't seem to work, at least, on obtaining hard drive 
>> info
>> from drives on a Dell PERC controller.  Instead, I'm given basic PERC
>> controller info, not drive info.
>> Is there a tool to let me get the hard drive make/model/serial 
>> numbers from a
>> hardware RAID setup?
> Since you are using HW RAID the tools you mentioned cannot be used to
> get the HD serial numbers. This is because the RAID controllers
> completely hides the physical disks from the OS. You would need tools
> for the RAID controller itself, those should be able to get the info
> you need.

That is my understanding as well.  I just scoured a system with a 3Ware 
9550 and tried to get physical device information without using any of 
the 3ware tools.  I was unable to get ANY information about the actual 
disks other than the size of the array/device being reported by the RAID