[CentOS] Error on sound files with totem removed

Mark Hull-Richter mhullrich at gmail.com
Wed Jun 6 21:33:09 UTC 2007

On 6/5/07, Niki Kovacs <contact at kikinovak.net> wrote:
> Mark Hull-Richter a écrit :
> > I decided to go ahead and remove totem (don't much care for it
> > anyway), and when I double-click a sound file in nautilus, it runs
> > mplayer to play the file
> What sound file? ogg? mp3? mpc? wma? wav? (ace? flac?)

Okay, this is weird.  It's not happening today.  It was happening
yesterday with mp3 files, but I didn't try any others (not sure I have
any except a bunch of mp3s and one wav file).

Another weird: when I hover my cursor over the one .wav files I have
on this machine, it plays it - if I double click it, I get two
mplayers playing it (out of sync - really weird!) and the error (but
this makes sense).

In fact, today I can connect my Windows VM to the sound device, no problem.

I would say "never mind" but there is one more strange thing: when I
right click on a sound file and try to get the properties, I get an
error window that says: "Couldn't load the 'Properties dialog'
interface. Make sure that Totem is properly installed."  Then I get
another window that says: "Creating Properties window.  You can stop
this operation by clicking cancel."  When I click the "Ok" button in
the first error window, the second one goes away and a properties
dialog comes up.  BUT I can't access the audio properties of the file
- they're blank (probably a totem thing).

This is moving OT since it is clearly not a CentOS problem but a Gnome
problem, so I'll pursue it there, but does anyone else have an idea of
what's going on here?

> Install xmms and xmms-mp3. Then find some SRPMs for xmms-wma and
> xmms-musepack on freshrpms. Check wiki.centos.org for how to build up a
> build environment for a simple user, it's very straightforward.
> Then right-click on your respective sound files -> Properties -> choose
> to open them with XMMS.

Thanks, but:
1) I should be able to choose my favorite player and have it work
(mplayer does just fine)
2) While I might try out xmms, that shouldn't be the solution.

Shoulding a lot, here, aren't I?

Do I have to reinstall totem to get nautilus to read the audio file
properties properly?  That seems a little too interconnected for
packages that ought to be independent (see? I can say "ought to"
instead of "should," too :-).


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