[CentOS] Error on sound files with totem removed

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Wed Jun 6 06:20:10 UTC 2007

Mark Hull-Richter a écrit :
> I decided to go ahead and remove totem (don't much care for it
> anyway), and when I double-click a sound file in nautilus, it runs
> mplayer to play the file

What sound file? ogg? mp3? mpc? wma? wav? (ace? flac?)

Install xmms and xmms-mp3. Then find some SRPMs for xmms-wma and 
xmms-musepack on freshrpms. Check wiki.centos.org for how to build up a 
build environment for a simple user, it's very straightforward.

Then right-click on your respective sound files -> Properties -> choose 
to open them with XMMS.



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