[CentOS] how to upgrade Centos 5 correctly?

Robinson Tiemuqinke hahaha_30k at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 7 00:37:30 UTC 2007


 I've just turned from Fedora Core to Centos 5, And
would like to know the 'official' way/mechanism to
upgrade a bunch of Centos 5 machines.

 My basic situation is: hundred of machines will be
installed with Centos 5.0 by means of kickstart. and
then the machines will always uses Centos 5.0
kickstart images for initial installation, not Centos
5.1, Centos 5.2, etc. 

 So my questions are: 

1, If the above possible? Since I take lot effort to
have hacked Centos 5.0 images to make it work for my
mixed environment, and I don't like to do the same
work every three months.

2, Based on Centos 5.0 initial installation, can I
upgrade the Centos 5.0 machines to Centos 5.1 level,
5.2 level, and so on, by means of continuous online
upgrade but not reinstallation, right?

3, For continuous online upgrade, which repositories
should I download and keep updated daily? If the
extras/ and updates/ are enough? Or I have to download
addons/ centosplus/ fasttrack/ as well, or even isoes/
and os/?

4, I've changed file /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Base.repo
to use only os/ and updates/ repositories. and when it
is needed, I manually pull packages from other Centos
5 repositories. Is this the 'official' way? or not? I
mean, should I better include repositories like

Thanks a lot, sorry for too many questions as I am a
newbie to Centos.

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