[CentOS] CentOS Based Linux Firewall Document

Feizhou feizhou at graffiti.net
Thu Jun 7 04:25:36 UTC 2007

/me puts on asbestos suit.

> Actually, I haven't lashed out at anyone.  People have chosen to lash
> out at me due to my chosen distribution method.


> I answer each and every message so that people don't think that I am
> ignoring them or their comments.


>> Quite frankly, your argument is kind of ridiculous.  You can easily
>> control who has access to change a document, and you don't even need
>> to use a wiki.  A regular html page doesn't allow anyone but you to
>> edit it.  All you _really_ need to say is "this is how I choose to do
>> it", but if you start making silly arguments, it makes you sound,
>> well, silly.
> I guess you didn't see the part where I don't have the bandwidth to host
> the document.  Never once have I stated that anyone else wasn't free to
> host the document if they so chose.  They're the silly ones for getting
> "bitchy" about my chosen distribution method.

So you chose to distribute your document via PDF and it is what 15MB in 
size? You email this to those who are interested...do you do one single 
mailing with all the addresses or do you individually email them? How 
many of these guys can take a 15MB attachment or a 20MB message? 
Probably all but I wonder how many of those who did not ask, did not do 
so because they do not have a mailbox on a system that can swallow a 
20MB message.

>> No one is telling you that you need to do it, and if you want to only
>> distribute through email, that's your choice.  The main point of my
>> message was to say that many people won't like your choice, so do not
>> be surprised at the reaction.
> No...  Rather than telling me I *MUST* do this or that they're bitching
> that I didn't choose to do this or that.  At the end of the day it's not
> alot different.

Let's see:

Did you miss the 'revision history' link that removes all doubt about 
who said what?

You then call it snippy...

Max: do you not have a place to host the document then? It seems
that if you've gone to that much trouble to write something, then
perhaps you just need a spot somewhere to host the document?

You then complain about

"Currently I have a domain, yes, however my bandwidth is rather limited. 
  By cost, not by speed.  I don't feel like incurring hundreds of 
dollars in usage fees to post this on my domain."

but don't feel like posting on the Centos wiki but do yap about 'big' 
names like IEEE...

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