[CentOS] Ndiswrapper for Realtek 8180L on CentOS 5.0

Manish Kathuria mkathuria at tuxtechnologies.co.in
Thu Jun 14 03:23:44 UTC 2007


I had installed CentOS 5.0 on my desktop PC having a Realtek 8180L
based PCI wireless card. Since the drivers for this chip are not
available in the kernel, I created RPMs for ndiswrapper-1.43 from the
source code and installed them. I could configure the wireless card
and use it but invariably the system freezes after sometime.  No such
thing happens if the wireless card is disabled. In the past,  I have
been using ndiswrapper on the same system on CentOS 4.3 and 4.4 and
multiple Fedora distributions without any problem. I have also updated
to the latest kernel and recreated the ndiswrapper modules but the
problem persists. What could be the possible reason ?



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