[CentOS] dell 2950 servers and centos 4 or 5

Robert - eLists lists06 at abbacomm.net
Thu Jun 14 04:27:31 UTC 2007


Part of this may be OT

Anyone running CentOS 4 or 5 with the newer Dell 2950 servers?

Mainly thinking in terms of basic Internet facing applications

Anything special to report good or challenging?

Any hardware or drivers issues?

Anything not to order as an option or not do?

Should one stick to dual core or go to quad core? Does it really matter?

What is the best way to order raid1 and raid5 storage on these units with
and without hot plug

Will either way keep the deployment of CentOS easy and happy.

I am used to ordering and deploying hp proliant intel rackmount servers
using 3.5 hotplug scsi

Im not that familiar with the terms on the dell website for SAS (cant tell
if hotplug) although I know what SATA is and I am not familiar with
Serial-Attach SCSI hotplug.

Thank in advance for your advise or experiences.

 - rh

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