[CentOS] Trying to build rpm-package

jarmo oh1mrr at nic.fi
Sat Jun 16 09:38:35 UTC 2007

Garrick Staples kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika lauantai, 16. kesäkuuta 
2007 10:35):
> It is the -s option to 'install' that tells it to run strip.  This is
> only for binaries and is invalid for text files.
> The makefile should be patched to not strip anything at all, much less
> manpages.
> Also, rpms should install into %{_prefix} (/usr), not /usr/local.
> --
> Garrick Staples, GNU/Linux HPCC SysAdmin
> University of Southern California

That did the trick, thanks a million...


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