[CentOS] How to properly bridge the network to CentOS under Parallels on a Macbook Pro?

Wed Mar 21 14:14:55 UTC 2007
Olaf Greve <o.greve at axis.nl>

Hi all,

I have recently acquired a Macbook Pro (sweet machine!) from my  
employer, and one of the tasks the machine has to do is to run a  
distributed software development platform (called Splice) under Linux.

For this task, I have chosen the trusty CentOS 4.4, and I have it set  
up in Parallels. So far, so good. Now then, the network does work  
within CentOS, but I want to assign it a fixed IP address, such that  
the DDS layer of the distributed platform can transparently  
communicate to (and from) the virtual machine.

More specifically, the entire network, in which the Splice DDS runs,  
is a 192.168.1.x local network. There are already two 'real' (i.e.  
not virtual) machines, with IPs and, which  
both work swell with one another.
Now, the Macbook itself has the IP address, but the  
bridged network connection is a DHCP range, running from  
-, and I want to be able to 'see' the VM from anywhere  
within the 192.168.1.x network.

Presently, from the VM I can already see the machines in the  
192.168.1.x network, but the other way round not. When the VM is e.g.  
assigned the address, I cannot ping that address from the  
other machines in the 192.168.1.x network. Note, from that network I  
can ping correctly to

The main question then becomes: how can I 'see' the VM from the  
192.168.1.x network?

I *think* I have to change something in the parallels network or  
parallels NAT configuation, but I am not certain what it should be  
set to, and I do not want to risk messing up all sorts of settings.  
Also, in CentOS I do know how to set a fixed IP address, but I am not  
certain if perhaps I have to add a 'direct route' or so. Does anyone  
know if this is (also) necessary?

Thanks in advance for any and all answers, and cheers,