[CentOS] How to properly bridge the network to CentOS under Parallels on a Macbook Pro?

Wed Mar 21 15:31:06 UTC 2007
Les Mikesell <lesmikesell at gmail.com>

Olaf Greve wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have recently acquired a Macbook Pro (sweet machine!) from my 
> employer, and one of the tasks the machine has to do is to run a 
> distributed software development platform (called Splice) under Linux.
> For this task, I have chosen the trusty CentOS 4.4, and I have it set up 
> in Parallels. So far, so good. Now then, the network does work within 
> CentOS, but I want to assign it a fixed IP address, such that the DDS 
> layer of the distributed platform can transparently communicate to (and 
> from) the virtual machine.
> More specifically, the entire network, in which the Splice DDS runs, is 
> a 192.168.1.x local network. There are already two 'real' (i.e. not 
> virtual) machines, with IPs and, which both 
> work swell with one another.
> Now, the Macbook itself has the IP address, but the 
> bridged network connection is a DHCP range, running from - 
>, and I want to be able to 'see' the VM from anywhere 
> within the 192.168.1.x network.

That doesn't sound right.  A bridged network should take an address on 
the same subnet as its host.  Are you sure the VM isn't set to nat 
instead of bridged?

> I *think* I have to change something in the parallels network or 
> parallels NAT configuation, but I am not certain what it should be set 
> to, and I do not want to risk messing up all sorts of settings.

NAT and bridged are 2 different settings.  Shut down the VM, change the 
setting for the interface and restart.

> Also, in 
> CentOS I do know how to set a fixed IP address, but I am not certain if 
> perhaps I have to add a 'direct route' or so. Does anyone know if this 
> is (also) necessary?

In a bridged configuration the guest settings should look very much like 
the host's - just with a different IP address as though it were a 
different NIC on the same subnet.

   Les Mikesell
    lesmikesell at gmail.com