[CentOS] Virtualisation

Fri Mar 2 18:14:19 UTC 2007
Peter Loron <peterl at standingwave.org>

VMWare itself has some overhead, but the main chunk is going to the the 
RAM set aside for the virtual machine(s). Unless you're running a VM 
with _very_ minimal RAM needs, you're going to want to bump up the 
physical memory in your host box.

With WinXP as the host (hey, this was at work!) on a 1GB box, a 512MB XP 
  VM worked fine. This assumed the host wasn't being used for anything else.

You'll probably be able to get the VM to fire up, but everything will be 
glacial if you're giving the VM any reasonable RAM allocation.


Mark Hull-Richter wrote:
> How memory-intensive is VMWare workstation?  I have a P4 3.0GHz with
> 1/2Gb of memory at home - is VMWare going to be a total drag on the
> system or is it lightweight enough that I can still run (as opposed to
> walk or crawl)?
> I run VMWW at work, but that's a Pentium-D with 2Gb of RAM, and top
> shows vmware using 199m virt, 1.1g res and 1.1g shr - not sure what that
> means (but it looks like bad news for the home situation...).
> Thanks.
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