[CentOS] Change of server

Fri Mar 9 10:36:16 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Jordi Espasa Clofent wrote:
> You has my and others answers to your question in CentOS spanish list.
> Please read some about netiquette and crossposting:
> http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Env%C3%ADo_cruzado (in spanish, of course)

Didn't I say something about this a few days ago?

"Crossposting" is generally used to mean "send the same message to 
several fora."

I first encountered it back before spammers had taken over usenet, where 
sometimes people would send the same message to two or more news groups, 
and it was done so in the addressing.

Sometimes, crossposting to different groups was appropriate, and I did 
so to draw attention to my OS/2 support website (I think googlisn.com 
still remembers me from those days).

Asking the same question, perhaps with rephrasing, in different fora is 
a different matter. In Juca's case, if his English is as good as yours, 
I can well imagine that he'd ask the question on the spanish list hoping 
for a clear reply, but also asking it here in English thinking that, as 
there are more people here, he's more likely to get a reply, even if he 
understands it less well.

I think that a fair and reasonable use of the available fora, and in his 
place, I'd resent your intrusion.

Now, if only I inderstood what he means by "dark disc." If he wants to 
move a disk drive from one comptuer to another, I'd say "Go got it. 
Provided it's physically and electrically compatible, there should be no 
problems to speak of." I do it quite often, most recently copying what 
eas readable on a dying 80 Gb drive to a new 160 Gb drive and installing 
the results in an entirely different computer.

There was the expected mucking around with network interfaces, and the 
opportunity to install and benefit from an SMP kernel....



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