[CentOS] Change of server

Fri Mar 9 21:36:22 UTC 2007
mouss <mlist.only at free.fr>

John Summerfield wrote:
> Didn't I say something about this a few days ago?
> "Crossposting" is generally used to mean "send the same message to 
> several fora."
> I first encountered it back before spammers had taken over usenet, 
> where sometimes people would send the same message to two or more news 
> groups, and it was done so in the addressing.
> Sometimes, crossposting to different groups was appropriate, and I did 
> so to draw attention to my OS/2 support website (I think googlisn.com 
> still remembers me from those days).
> Asking the same question, perhaps with rephrasing, in different fora 
> is a different matter. In Juca's case, if his English is as good as 
> yours, I can well imagine that he'd ask the question on the spanish 
> list hoping for a clear reply, but also asking it here in English 
> thinking that, as there are more people here, he's more likely to get 
> a reply, even if he understands it less well.
> I think that a fair and reasonable use of the available fora, and in 
> his place, I'd resent your intrusion.

I agree. crossposting is now less an issue that it once was.
> Now, if only I inderstood what he means by "dark disc." 

probably a typo for "hard disk". next time I'll have a problem with a 
disk, I know how to call it:)