[CentOS] Performance problem with CentOS and XFS on EMC

Sat Mar 10 00:26:00 UTC 2007
Mark Hull-Richter <mhull-richter at datallegro.com>

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> Please don't top post.
Okay.  Personally I prefer to get the meat at the top, but I supposed
context could be relevant once in a while....

> Okay... so you're using 2 different filesystems known to be
> unsupported in the upstream OS, and you're wondering why you're
> getting bad performance?
No, I'm wondering why I'm getting such a disparity in performance
between direct i/o and cached i/o using two different files systems
(same issue on both file systems, different issue than 'why is this file
system not performing well/better?').

> You appear to be using a hammer to pound screws. You may really want
> to take a moment to sit back and question the sanity involved in what
> you're doing.
Ever heard of drywall screws?  :-)

> One other nit-pick as I'm a little frustrated at this point. PLEASE
> PROVIDE ALL RELEVANT DATA to those trying to assist you. If you've
> used other elevators, STATE THAT so that we don't waste our effort
> telling you something you've already tried.
Apologies - one detail that I overlooked until you reminded me.  I'm
still relatively new to this project, RHEL/CentOS and so on.  I may have
mentioned this once or twice before....