[CentOS] ifolder

Sat Mar 10 21:27:41 UTC 2007
Leonardo Vilela Pinheiro <leopinheiro at gmail.com>

On 3/1/07, Tim Uckun <timuckun at gmail.com> wrote:
> LOL. I will save you two weeks of frustration and pass on what kind
> people here have taught me.
> Go get the RPMs from here
> http://forgeftp.novell.com/ifolder/server/3.5/20060621-0346/linux/CENTOS-4.3-i386/rpms/

The last build for CentOS is 06/21/2006? Seems old.

Download mono from go-mono, Use Mono 1.1.X series.

This build if for Mono 1.1.X? oh-oh

Install using the instructions here (ignore the bit about the
> repositories, just use the RPMs)

The repository is also out-of-date.

The Dark Side of the Force doesn't want to push iFolder (at therefore Mono)
on CentOS. At least for the last 6 months. Maybe they want to push OpenSUSE
or SLES on us. But we know they are devil. Just kidding, don't bite me.
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