[CentOS] ifolder

Mon Mar 12 00:57:19 UTC 2007
Tim Uckun <timuckun at gmail.com>

> The last build for CentOS is 06/21/2006? Seems old.

Yes.  There was a period of inactivity when all the main developers
quit novell. There are some new developers on the project now but they
never delivered a 3.5 version like they were promising. The 3.5
version there is supposedly somewhat stable. There is some speculation
that 3.6 version will be announced at brainshare in a few days but
from the traffic on the dev list I would say that isn't too likely.
They will probably announce a release date more likely.

> This build if for Mono 1.1.X? oh-oh

Ya. It may work with the newer version I don't know.

> The Dark Side of the Force doesn't want to push iFolder (at therefore Mono)
> on CentOS. At least for the last 6 months. Maybe they want to push OpenSUSE
> or SLES on us. But we know they are devil. Just kidding, don't bite me.

That's definately true. Novell is doing the bare minimum here. They
are producing RPMs for their distros and that's all.