[CentOS] imap problems; error accessing inbox and some other folders

Sat Mar 10 21:44:27 UTC 2007
John Summerfield <debian at herakles.homelinux.org>

Joe Klemmer wrote:
> Hello all,
>     First off, please let me apologize for cross posting this in both the
> fedora and centos lists.
>     I have just run into a problem with imap that's becoming a real issue.
>  About two or three days ago some of the mail folders became
> unusable/unreadable.  For instance, my inbox shows 41 unread messages when
> I access it through pine on the server.  But if I imap into it from
> evolution it shows only one unread message.  I tried thunderbird and kmail
> as well as squirrelmail and these gave some variation of this kind of
> error message:
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
> The current command did not succeed.  The mail server responded: Invalid
> messageset: -2147483648:*.

Did you try grep to find such a message? I'd try to find one, then 
inspect it.

[summer at ns ~]$ echo '2^31'| bc
[summer at ns ~]$
That does seem to be a significant number you have there ....

maybe it's time to swot up on the imap protocol and do a little practice 
with telnet. Or netcat.

tcpdump -A may be illuminating too.

> --------------------------- OR ------------------------------------------
> The server couldn't find the message you requested.
> Most probably your message list was out of date and the message has been
> moved away or deleted (perhaps by another program accessing the same
> mailbox).
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------
>     I tried rebuilding the imap directories under each app as well as
> moving/renaming the .imap dir under $HOME/mail but to no avail.
> The pertinent info is -
> Server
> ======
> CentOS 4.4
> dovecot-0.99.11-4.EL4
> squirrelmail-1.4.8-4.el4.centos
> sendmail-8.13.1-3.RHEL4.5
> pine-4.64-1.2.el4.rf
> Client
> ======
> FC5
> evolution-2.6.3-1.fc5.5.sam.1
> thunderbird-
> kmail 1.9.5 (from KDE: 3.5.5-0.2.fc5 Fedora-Core)
>     If there is any more info needed let me know and I'll post it.
>     Please try and reply directly to me.  I will post a summery of what
> was wrong and how it got fixed (if it does get fixed).
> Thank you for any and all help,
> Joe



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