[CentOS] New System Build

Thu Mar 15 06:31:27 UTC 2007
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Mark Hull-Richter wrote:
> Slightly OT, but what are the best boards for CentOS (if any) and how do
> ECS boards stack up?

In my experience Elitegroup aka ECS are only slightly better than PC 
Chips, which are absolutely the worst.

now, this doesn't mean that every board these guys make is bad, its 
quite possible you could get a decent reasonably reliable system from 
them, but the odds are probably against that.

for that matter, even the best manufacturers have had some flakey boards 
and designs.    My most reliable homebrew systems have been built around 
Intel branded motherboards, yet anything in the early P4 days using 
RDRAM was inherently problematic (i850, etc), even worse were any of the 
Intel RDRAM chipsets that had the SDRAM bridges (i810 etc)

of course, with CentOS 4 and earlier, many of the newest chipsets will 
have problems with driver support for the onboard peripherals.